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Prenatal and Post Natal Pilates


We offer Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates to keep you in shape and comfortable during your pregnancy and we help you regain your fitness after pregnancy.

No two women’s bodies are the same, and this is especially true during pregnancy. There are workouts that are quite appropriate for some people during pregnancy and not for others.


During a normal, healthy pregnancy, moderate exercise is safe for the fetus.


Exercise is also said to prevent varicose veins, hemorrhoids and low back pain and helps to boost self esteem, maintain fitness levels and prepare the body for the physical demands of motherhood.  We have found that Pilates keeps your body strong without putting strain on the joints or the heart.  It also allows the body to regain it’s shape after pregnancy as the muscle memory is still there.




·  LOOK fit and strong

·  IMPROVE posture

·  FEEL revitalized

·  MOVE with Ease

·  FOCUS on core stability

·  PROVIDE flexibility

·  RESTORE the curve of the spine

·  RELIEVE tension and fatigue

·  ENHANCE self confidence


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Pilates Rates



10 Week Package*:      $175 plus HST



Single Class:                $65

5 Class Package:        $300

10 Class Package:        $550

20 Class Package:        $1000

SEMI PRIVATE  – 2 clients

Single Class:                $35 per person

5 Class Package:         $ 150 per person

10 Class Package:        $275 per person

20 Class Package:        $500 per person


If you are  unable to attend a private class or semi private, we need 24 hour notice, otherwise you will be charged for the class.


RATES for Pilates

A few words about rates.  I am a professional. When clients come to me, I am theirs.  I believe that the growth they achieve in my class transcends working out and spills over into their lives to make them achieve more and excel in all arenas of life.  I try to keep up with the demands of my clients and believe in growing continuously.

I take courses, read books. articles, study anatomy, watch dvds etc… I believe the day we stop learning is the day we should dig the grave.

Our group classes are very intimate.  You will not see 10 or 20 people in my class. I believe in paying attention to each person to ensure that they are performing each skill well and coach them along the way.

This means we cap our group classes at 4 clients. 

I have found through my years of teaching that it’s almost like a private training class, but way cheaper.  I pay close attention to each client and many of my clients are glad when I turn my attention to others in the group.

I don’t want the clients who are happy with substandard training at bargain basement prices.

I want the ones who are dedicated to their personal growth and know what they are paying for. ( Find out what you’re paying for by going to the “what I get for my money section”)


If you don’t show up to the classes you purchase, don’t ask for a refund. We expect our clients to come and give 100%. We give 100% in our training, so should you.



No Excuses!


Having said that…If you do miss a group class, we will give you a break on a private make up class, if you wish to have one.  So instead of paying 65$ for a private,  you would pay $45.   As spots are limited, we will post available times on the website, first to respond gets the spot.   If you are already signed up for privates, you cannot have a make up during the time of your private BUT, you can add one at a different time