Pilates Pickering

Pickering's Premiere Pilates since 2003!


My Pilates studio has been open since 2002. That’s 20 years of changing people’s bodies, cores and lives!  During that time, I have continued to learn and expand my knowledge of pilates.  I’ve even invented a number of moves that my clients fondly call martalates.   

Private classes use all pilates equipment, reformer, chair, cadillac, arc barrels. 

In my group classes, we use a variety of props, including weighted balls, stability balls, foam rollers, flex bands, fitness circles, medicine balls, bosus and even some free weights.

I think the biggest sign of my success is that most of my clients have been with me for at least 3 to 4  years, and many for 20 years.  Due to my extensive training with Stott Pilates, including rehab and special populations, my studio is equiped to tackle any issues.  throughout the years,I have been very creative in my teaching techniques, as I have had many a challenging injury or physical limitation that have come up. 

The studio is a scent free facility focusing on the well being of each client. 

– Marta